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UK cPanel hosting plans. Great for business or personal web sites, comes with Softaculous script installer, 99.99% uptime and 24x7 support.


We understand that you need high levels of reliable and professional support to get the most out of hosting your European Web Site and we are naturally proud to be considered one of the top rated Low Cost Hosting Companies for the UK and Europe.


Our cheap web hosting plans include all you need to launch your website without hassles and enjoy reliability, uptime and speed.

No contracts with minimum terms, no hidden or setup fees, month-to-month payments, anytime cancellation, 15-Day money back guarantee!

Dedicated IP Address - Having a website on a shared IP address will not cause you any harm. However, there are a few cases when a dedicated IP address is required:
- Having your own Private SSL Certificate. Secure e-commerce websites need SSL certificates for accepting credit cards online and have a secure connection between client and server. We usually offer a shared SSL certificate where our clients can share server's SSL. If you are doing business online and need your own SSL, then we recommend to add dedicated IP to your hosting account.
- You want to access your website by FTP or Web browser even when the domain name is inaccessible, such as domain name propagation periods.
Private SSL Certificate - SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology that is commonly used for encrypting information sent between users and e-commerce websites, thereby securing transactions. SSL protects data submitted over the internet from being intercepted and viewed by unintended recipients and is used by hundreds of thousands of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. SSL is the industry standard internet transaction security technology.
Learn more about cheap SSL Certificates we are offering today on the "SSL Certificates" page
FREE SSL Certificate - can be requested on specific hosting plan or Dedicated IP purchase. FreeSSL™ is 100% FREE, with 30 days trial period, after expiring you need to upgrade.
All SSL Certificates require dedicated IP address.
cPanel Control Panel - You will be able to manage your hosting account with the help of the most popular web-based control panel - cPanel. With the help of its easy interface you can upload files, manage your email accounts, view your website statistics, park domains, manage FTP accounts, subdomains, databases and more.
Multimedia Support - With your hosting account you are able to stream different multimedia formats like Real Audio/Video, Shockwave/Flash, Windows Media, etc. Encode or decode different formats using FFmpeg, PHP-FFmpeg, Mplayer, flvtool and Lame.
Daily Backups - We do nightly backups. However we make no guarantee that the backup will be complete or that we'll have a backup for your account. We will make every attempt to restore a backup of your site on request however we encourage you to do your own backup. We will not be responsible for incomplete backups and do not provide any compensation in the event that the backup is not current.
Preinstalled Scripts & Softaculous- Following Scripts are available on the server:
  • Blogs: Wordpress, b2evolution, LifeType, Dotclear, textpattern, Nucleus, Serendipity, Openblog, EggBlog, Pixie, Pivotx, Chyrp, Movable Type
  • MicroBlogs: StatusNet, PageCookery, Sharetronix, Storytlr
  • Portals/CMS: Zikula, Geeklog, Drupal, Tiki Wiki, SilverStripe, Website Baker, Modx, Xoops, Concrete5, CMS Made Simple, Joomla, Contao, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, PHP-fusion, Silex, Saurus, sNews, Pligg, phpwcms, e107, ocPortal, PyroCMS, jCore, Fork, Mahara, Typo3, Redaxscript, ImpressPages, Pluck, Quick.CMS, Tribiq, MeshCMS
  • Forums: AEF, phpBB, XMB, PunBB, SMF, UseBB, MyBB, Phorum, FluxBB, bbPress, Vanilla, FUDForum, miniBB
  • Image Galleries: Coppermine, TinyWebGallery, Gallery, ZenPhoto, phpAlbum, Shutter, Piwigo, PixelPost, 4images, Plogger
  • Wikis: MediaWiki, DokuWiki, PhpWiki, PmWiki, WikkaWiki
  • Social Networking: Elgg, Dolphin, Jcow, Oxwall, Beatz, Etano, PeoplePods
  • Ad Management: Noahs Calssifieds, OpenX, Kamads, PhpAds, OpenClassfieds, GPixPixel, OSClass
  • Calenders: WebCalender, phpicalender, phpScheduleit, ExtCalender
  • Gaming: Shadows Rising, Word Search Puzzle, Multiplayer Checkers, BlackNova Traders
  • Mails: phpList, Webinsta Mailist, poMMo, SquirrelMail, ccMail, OpenNewsletter, Roundcube, Webmail Lite
  • Polls and Surveys: LiveSurvey, phpESP, EasyPoll, LittlePoll, Simple PHP Poll, CJ Dynamic Poll, Aardvark, Topsites, Advanced Poll, Piwik, Open Web Analytics, Logaholic
  • Project Management: dotProject, phpCollab, PHProjekt, ProjectPier, Mantis Bug Tracker, Feng Office, EyeOS, Mound, The Bug Engine, TaskFreak, Collabtive, Eventum
  • E-Commerce: Zen Cart, Freeway, osCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, WHMCS, CubeCart, PHP Point Of Sale, TheHostingTool, TomatoCart, Avactis, phpCOIN, BoxBilling, Quick.Cart, Axis, AlegroCart, Zeuscart
  • ERP: SugarCRM, OrangeHRM, FrontAccounting, SimpleInvoices, Dolibarr, Vtiger, Tine, EGroupware
  • Guest Books: Advanced Guestbook, phpBook, BellaBook, VZ Guestbook, Lazarus, RicarGBook, PHPKode Guestbook
  • Customer Support: Crafty Syntax, Help Center Live, HESK, osTicket, ExoPHPDesk, phpSupport, Open Web Messenger, phpOnline, phpMyFAQ,iQDesk, Trellis Desk, Maian Support
  • Frameworks: CodeIgniter, PHPDevShell, PRADO, yii, Zend, DIY, PhpOpenBiz, zAjax, AjaxAC, kohana, Smarty, Symfony, WideImage, HTML Purifier, CakePHP
  • Educational: Moodle. Claroline, ATutor, TCExam, DoceboLMS, Omeka, eFront
  • DataBase Tools: phpMyAdmin, Adminer, SQLiteManager, Vty, MyWebSQL, SIDU, Chive
  • Music: kPlaylist, Podcast Generator, Impleo, AmpJuke
  • Video: ClipBucket, VidiScript, videoDB, Viperwolf
  • RSS: Gregarius, SimplePie, Feed on Feeds, selfoss
  • Others: phpLD, WeBid, PHP fileNavigator, ProjectSend, PhpGedView, phpFormGenerator, OpenDocMan, YOURLS, phpFreeChat, PHP QR Code, LetoDMS, SPIP, Form Tools, phpDocumentor, Hablator, PHPWeby, Arfooo, PASTE, Open Journal Systems, OpenBiblio, Seo Panel. Soholaunch, jobberbase, Question2Answer, JoobsBox, WIODE, ArticleSetup, GLPI, SVNManager, ownCloud, Open Conference System

Web Space

Monthly Traffic

Email Accounts

Hosted Domains

Parked Domains

MySQL 5 / PostgreSQL Databases

FTP Accounts / Users

Dedicated IP Address

FREE SSL Certificate

Control Panel

PHP 5.5, Ruby, Python, Frontpage

Multimedia Support

Softaculous 1-Click Install

Daily Backups

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Datacenter Location

Euro Standard

Only  2.99 / month

4.9 180 5

For web developers

3500 MB

800 GB







cPanel Pro 54.x

Maidenhead, UK

Only  € 2.99 / month

Euro Business

Only  4.99 / month

5 159 5

Great for business sites

6500 MB








cPanel Pro 54.x

Maidenhead, UK

Only  € 4.99 / month

Euro Ultimate

Only  7.99 / month

3.5 21 5

For the best experience

14200 MB








cPanel Pro 54.x

Maidenhead, UK

Only  € 7.99 / month

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All-Inclusive Prices

When other companies promise cheap hosting, very often they have hidden charges, higher renewal rates, or other add-on services. With us, the listed price is the number you'll pay, and you can expect a powerful and reliable service, fully loaded with all necessary features you need.

Preinstalled Scripts & Softaculous

Our Linux web hosting packages are designed to help you start a good online experience. With 1-Click Software installer, included in Softaculous, our systems will set up popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce and many more for you.

Google Apps / Gmail Ready Hosting

We have a FREE service to provide you the support enhancing your hosting features. If you want to keep your email with Google and use their SPAM-FREE 15GB mailbox with your own domain name, Our web hosting plans are Google/Gmail friendly and you can easily host your website with us and keep your email with Google Mail Server.

24 / 7 Customer Support

We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any problems or issues you have. Our technical support staff is available by phone, chat or e-mail. They are well trained and will address your issues quickly and professionally. You can always open Support Center Page and submit your issue online to get fastest resolve of the problem.

Full Scalability

Is your business growing? Looking to expand current web hosting features with more power or web space? With EURO-SPACE, your web site grows with you. Upgrading your hosting package is quick and easy process and can be accomplished by providing our customer support desired hosting plan to upgrade to or a list of the features you want to have included.

cPanel Control Panel

cPanel is the world's most popular (and best!) website control panel, giving you the tools and features to manage all aspects of your website from an easy web interface. Setup email accounts, databases, modify FTP access and more through cPanel's web interface. cPanel control panel is offered on all of our website hosting services. You can view a demo of cPanel here.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We strive to provide the most reliable network by utilizing the best equipment. Our enterprise class servers are housed in the Maidenhead Datacenter in England, UK, and we pledge to deliver at least 99.99% uptime with up to 100MBit/s connection speed.

Our uptime stats available @

You can also check our connection speed by downloading this file.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer 15 Day Money Back Guarantee on all Shared Hosting plans. If you decide that you are not completely happy with your hosting solutions, you'll receive your money back within 15 Days your order has been placed.


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