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Choosing a Dedicated Server - Reasons and Advantages


While thinking where and how to host a website, the most common option is a shared hosting, where multiple hosting users share a single server's resources with their accounts, websites and emails.

But a company looking for more power, resource utilisation and full control of the platform, may need a dedicated server or a cluster built with multiple servers. With the dedicated server hosting, we work with the customer to give them the full amount of CPU, RAM and disk space that they need. We build and maintain the server, eliminating a business' upfront cost of purchasing their own.


Why Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting?

Superior Performance

With a dedicated server, you will have access to all the capabilities of an enterprise-grade Intel Xenon server to meet of your particular needs. When you choose a dedicated server, you get the full resources of single server (or a cluster). You don't need to worry about other websites clogging up the server's CPU and RAM. There is no hosting solution that offers superior performance to a dedicated server. This is particularly evident where I/O is concerned: for read and write heavy applications — those that depend on databases or being able to process data quickly. With a dedicated server, you can be sure that bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth usage won't slow your server down.

The only thing better than a dedicated server is a more powerful dedicated server.



Choosing a dedicated server guarantees maximum uptime for your website. If your website receives a lot traffic, dedicated servers provide more stability and reliability than a shared hosting. With a dedicated server, you can also be sure that you aren’t sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer. Dedicated hosting allows enhanced security, particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL. With a dedicated server, only you have the full root access and total control of the machine, just like on your own laptop.



Any of our dedicated server plan allows you the flexibility of customizing the server to your needs for a CPU, RAM, disk space and required software. With shared hosting, you're limited to the applications, software and OS already loaded on the master server. A dedicated server allows organizations and businesses a customizable hosting environment that fits their needs. You can choose any Linux OS distribution, MS Windows or Even provide your own OS for the installation on the dedicated server according to your needs.


Unique IP Address

Each dedicated server has it's own unique IP address or a range of the IP addresses. If you compare with shared hosting, where multiple users are also sharing same IP address with your account and website and if one of your neighbors is a spam site or an adult site, this could mean having your websites' rank pushed down. With dedicated hosting, you have a dedicated server, which means your own unique IP address. This is especially important if you are a large running an e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.

We offer 5 FREE dedicated IP addresses on all our dedicated server plans.


No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

If a company needs a dedicated server, but doesn't have the time or resources to manage a server themselves, dedicated hosting is a way to access the resources of a full server. We handle the cost of building and maintaining server equipment, reducing the overhead for your business purchasing server space and improving your return on investment. These advantages come with a cost, however and if a shared hosting is the cheapest way for a business to run a website, dedicated hosting is more expensive in comparison. Web sites that deal with the traffic, run e-commerce platforms or have strict needs for customization and security, may find that dedicated server is the best option after the alternative VPS hosting, which is cheaper and have the same abilities as a dedicated server, but with less hardware power and more virtualization.


Game Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are great if you want to host multiplayer sessions of your favorite game. You can customize the server to fit the requirements of the game and get less lag. A dedicated server will allow players to join the game even if you’re offline, since the host is autonomous. The reasons to shift to a dedicated server are plentiful. You can manage your email or transfer files almost instantly. If you need to grow your business, you can use a dedicated server to run a stable, fast website for your company. And, if you’re a game developer or simply a gamer who wants to compete with friends, you can host your own games with a dedicated server.


VPS vs Dedicated — What Is Better?

The biggest disadvantage of dedicated servers is the price. Indeed, VPS solutions can cost you half the price of a dedicated server. Decide if spending that much money on a dedicated server is reasonable — maybe there is point in investing it to some other parts of the project. Secondly, consult your webmaster on server adjustments. Finally, consider performance. Try to predict the growth of website load for the next 6-12 months, and determine if it would be more logical to purchase a dedicated server at once, rather than getting a VPS plan and shifting to a dedicated solution in half a year.

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Published on: 27-05-2019

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