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How to Start e-Commerce Business and Launch Profitable Online Shop


Today, with fast growing internet technologies building a successful online store has become relatively easy process.

Although, there are many factors to consider before starting your online store, technically setting up and launching an online store is possible in less then a week.


Learn and Swith Your Hosting Plan to the Appropriate Solution

Here are a few reasons to break up with your shared hosting plan and start a new relationship with a VPS or Dedicated Server hosting.

You started your business or personal website with a cheap shared hosting plan. But now, your business started growing, you come to realise there's a limit to the quality of service shared hosting can offer, but you are unsure about the next appropriate step to make.

Before you start advertising your products and services, a reliable e-commerce platform has to be launched, which could serve a good amount of website visitors, handle online transactions, protect your users and customers data, handle online operations and maintain a good performance.

That's why you should consider your own hosting environment such as VPS or Dedicated Server, or use a solution offered by pre-built e-commerce platform such as Ecwid. Although, these platforms are great to integrate your products and have all e-commerce tools included, they will charge you a cost for hosting your store and take percentage from your sales.


Why Virtual Private Server (VPS) is Good and How does it Work?

Every business tries to ensure its profitability by cutting costs and reducing expenses. So it's clear why you might opt for shared hosting due to its cheap nature — but the limited resources that come with shared hosting don't bode well for your business's prosperity. Don't run the risk of having to interrupt your business services midstream to change to a better server. Dedicated Server Hosting, or colocation, are excellent hosting services you could opt for, but they cost more than most upcoming businesses can afford. Fortunately, VPS hosting can offer all the benefits you need at a fair and affordable price.

VPS operates by splitting a physical server into several virtual servers. The splitting, or partitioning, of the server, is accomplished with virtualisation software. The amount of resources your website will have access to when hosted on a VPS is dependent on the hardware setup you purchase. The separated virtual partition allotted solely to your site will provide a specified amount of RAM, bandwidth, disk space, CPU, and so on, allocated only to your account - not shared by other users. Thus, hosting e-commerce website on the VPS would guarantee high stability and availability, good performance and page loading speed, these would help your online business to grow.


Does Your Online Business Grow Fast?

While VPS is a perfect start for developing online store and it is a cheap alternative to the dedicated server, the next technical step though, moving forward to success, is to get your own infrastructure and host e-commerce project(s) on the dedicated platform.

The dedicated type means that your website is hosted on an exclusive server that is completely yours and no one is sharing anything on the hardware node. However, the expenses would be much higher then on VPS. The key question here: is it worth it? Not only does it ensure enhanced security for you, it keeps external influences at bay and gives you a more secure outlook. Also, you're in control i.e. you hold the reigns of your hosting environment. Moreover, you will become capable enough to handle higher loads of traffic along with experiencing greater flexibility.

The key factors while choosing a dedicated hosting is to consider following subjects:

What Are My Goals?

This is the pre-requisite to any major decision when it comes to your website. Clearly identify goals and objectives of where you want your website to go. Where do you see yourself in 6 months? 1 year? Do you want to cater to a larger audience or expand work to another country? Or do you want to serve minimally to a local area? Whichever answer points to the fact that you'd be receiving heavy incoming traffic, go get the powerful dedicated server. That would make sure that your website never shuts down due to heavy load or exude performance worries.

What Does My Budget Look Like?

Well, this is what matters for real for every e-commerce website. It is as clear as day that a dedicated server lies on the costlier spectrum, much more than a sharing or VPS. So if you're on a tight budget, go back and consider getting a VPS. However, if you want to get into the market at the top and stay there for long while delivering to thousands of customers on a daily basis, making way for a dedicated server is a no brainer. Even if it might seem implausible at the start, it will compensate in no time, allowing you to give better service to your precious customers which ultimately lead to higher sales.

What Kind Of Traffic Am I Expecting?

Do you think you'll be able to cater to thousands of people day in day out? Is your range of products wide enough to cater to a large community? Or are you simply serving to a very fine niche? If the traffic you're expecting is variable and is likely to go on the higher side, a dedicated server is ideal for you. Even if the status quo doesn't quite fit the billing, think of the end game and then choose wisely.

Once technical aspects how and where host your e-commerce project is wisely cleared out, you can then be sure you're ready to exhibit your products and start online business, where the next shipping and solution for online payments are coming along with effective marketing to boost your sales and grow business.


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Published on: 07-05-2019

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